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Amazon - Pricing Automation


EZOrderLink™ dynamically adjusts the pricing for your items listed on the Amazon marketplace, using information such as your competitors' pricing, whether you are looking for the best page placement or brand recognition, and more.


EZOrderLink connects with Amazon's system using the Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS), which retrieves pricing information from Amazon, compares current competition to your item high and low settings and uploads those price updates back to Amazon.


Make all your item changes in one place to reduce duplicate data entry.

Save time and effort by allowing the system to both raise and lower your items to stay current within a range you determine.

Raise or lower your price based on market prices.  The amount you modify your price and the conditions for doing so are determined by your requirements during setup.  Changes to price strategies can be made by simple settings changes.

Whether your aiming for the Buy Box or just trying to keep your pricing within realistic amounts to gain brand recognition, this product can often show an ROI in the first few runs!

AVAILABLE for Netsuite, QuickBooks, or even custom feeds you create from your own inventory system.

Contact us with your requirements and desired back end system for a price today!


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