EZOrderLink Netsuite - Amazon - Edition - Full Automation


Netsuite ~ Amazon ~ Connector


EZOrderLink™ imports your Amazon sales into Netsuite as Sales Orders, Invoices or Estimates depending on your preference.  Items not found during import can be added on the fly or simply noted for your input.

Customer records can be created or you may assign a customer for these orders ie Amazon or even set the system to create parent child customer relationship with your marketplace.. 


Run your instance of EZOrderLink in the cloud and let our team of experienced techs keep and eye on the day to day details such as backups and server maintenance.  This is by far our most common setup for our Netsuite user group since Netsuite is an SaaS it only makes sense to seamlessly connect thru the cloud with EZOrderLink Hosting.


An alternative to optional hosting is to install and run your instance of EZOrderLink on your in house network.  Super easy to install.  Download the zip file, unzip, run setup and you're ready to let EZOrderLink to the work for you! 

other maps... 

EZOrderLink can be configured to use more than one mapping.  Check out our other market place connectors to completely automate your workflow.  Stop by frequently while we add new maps.  Need a multi trading partner setup?  contact us for more information.  Full automation or cloud installations?  Give us a shout, we're eager to supply all of your EDI requirements.


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